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Pure nature: Why forests and fresh air are good for our health

Mozart, Wiener Schnitzel or Arnold Schwarzenegger – these are just three things Austria is known for. But that’s not all: vacationers from all over the world also like to travel to the Alpine Republic because of its fantastic nature. High mountains, lush green alpine pastures and crystal clear lakes enchant guests from near and far in summer, while in winter they appreciate the rapid downhill runs, glistening forests and cozy huts. Vacation in nature – that fits perfectly with the scenic and diverse Austria therefore. And is ultimately what many visitors want these days. Because the longing for special experiences in an intact nature – as a balance to our fast-paced, digital world – is growing. Combining this with exercise kills several birds with one stone. Because spending time in nature is healthy and good for body and mind, as our article reveals.

Healthy and fresh through exercise in nature

Running, mountain biking, trail running, swimming or a yoga session in the garden – spending time outdoors in nature is trendy right now. Strictly speaking, however, this is not a trend at all, but rather a logical consequence. Due to technical progress and social changes, our lives are shifting more and more into digital spheres. The tangible and palpable nature with its diverse plants and animals, colors and smells provides a counterpoint to this – and thus ensures an optimal balance. And this benefits body and mind in equal measure. Or to put it another way: nature and health – these two terms simply belong together. Because there’s more than one reason why exercise in the fresh air is healthy and why both short breaks and a vacation in nature are a good idea:

  • Strengthening the immune system

A walk in nature – and with it in the fresh air – strengthens the immune system. Lung capacity increases, blood pressure decreases.

  • Relaxation in nature

Just a few minutes in the forest are enough to clear your head and lower your stress level. A short trip into nature can thus already work wonders.

  • Fresh air for better sleep

The natural daylight and also the fresh air help the body to relax easier and above all better. This subsequently has a positive effect on sleep.

  • Health for muscles and bones

Walking at a faster pace in nature helps the body build muscle and strengthen bones – two more aspects that improve one’s health.

  • Daylight and sunlight as medicine

Not only in winter, daylight and sun rays can work wonders – also during the rest of the year, the brightness and also the colorfulness of nature provide a physical and mental relaxation.

Vacation in Austria’s dreamlike nature

Studies prove: Just a few minutes outside in nature are enough to benefit from the positive aspects. So if you take a short run or walk outside your front door after a stressful day at work, you create the best conditions for giving stress and negative thoughts no chance. In addition, regular, extended time away in a different area, far from familiar surroundings, can have a positive effect on one’s health. On a vacation in nature – for example on a summer vacation at Barbarahof in Saalbach-Hinterglemm – you have high mountains, green meadows, babbling brooks and plenty of paths and trails to discover all of this right on your doorstep.