Felix writes “I’m here!” My first winter season…

On 23.12.2015, just before Christmas, I was born in Schwarzach. I spent the first hours of my life in the hospital with my parents… I really enjoyed the many cuddles! So I also experienced my first Christmas in the hospital – it was very nice, especially because there was a small Christmas with music, Christmas tree, biscuits and punch on the station. In the afternoon Dad had to part with us, because at home the beautiful Christmas with a great festive menu, cooked by my grandma, waited for our dear guests.

On 26.12.2015, on the biggest day of arrival of the whole winter season, I was finally allowed home! Dad picked up Mum and me in the hospital and brought them home well. The journey was very pleasant and the check-in went smoothly ☺

Mum and I made it quite comfortable: a lot of slept, eaten and wrapped – in the evening I had to cry more often because I had a bit of a stomach ache. Dad was able to come to us again and again – even if it was very stressful in the hotel. I was always very happy when I saw him and immediately laughed. In general, I am a very happy baby and laugh at every friendly person. This is probably because my dear mum makes me feel so beautiful and says: “Life is so beautiful!”

After a few weeks, my mum took me to the hotel more and more often… I was very happy to meet all the dear regulars and also many new guests. At this point I would like to thank you once again for the many gifts that have been brought or sent! My parents were totally overwhelmed.

I always felt very comfortable in the hotel. Everyone was very fond of me and told me that I have such beautiful blue eyes. Supposedly I look very similar to my dad. And Dad looks like his dad and the one in turn looks like his dad… or what do you say? 4 generations in the Barbarahof

Since the ladies of our team Barbarahof and my mum like to dress up, our employees have come up with something great for the carnival Tuesday festival. So we were all disguised as Indians☺. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to stay that long, but Dad told me it was a fun party with casual live music and cocktail happy hour.

The staff of the hotel were always very happy when I visited them with my mum – even during the employee trip I was allowed to be there. My parents invite the whole team to dinner once a season – because they all work so well. We really have a great team!!

My mom said that I needed a lot of fresh air, so we were outside every day in winter. Since we have often met dear guests during a walk. Sometimes my mom got into a sweat when there was a lot of snow on the trail. Because despite the rather low snow conditions at the beginning of the season, it has snowed a lot from January! According to my dad, the ski slopes were in top condition throughout the winter. I’m already looking forward to my first attempts at skiing… especially because I even got my first pair of skis from very dear regular guests! ☺

Of course, the winter season has been over for some time, meanwhile we have even experienced our first common mid-season. We all enjoyed the quieter time very much and especially three of them did a lot together!
As another great highlight, we, together with our family and many friends, celebrated my baptism last weekend in Saalbach!

It was a wonderful day with lots of sunshine, nice people and above all a lot of fun!

So, now I can tell you that we will open again next Friday for the summer season. I’m excited to see what’s waiting for me and I’m looking forward to welcoming you in the summer!